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HTC Desire 4G LTE Shows Up In Verizon’s Internal System

There has been a recently leaked image off of Verizon’s internal system that suggests the carrier could very possible be preparing to release another HTC handset later this year. The handset has been dubbed the Desire 4G LTE, and sheds that “Droid” branding that we usually see, which has indicated that it could be possibly aimed at the lower-end of the market which is entirely possible. At this point it’s very unclear as to whether this new handset is a variant of the recently announced HTC Desire X or if this is a brand new exclusive device to Verizon’s network. Either way, we’re seeing a new handset on the horizon, and we’re hoping it’s a good one.

We’ve already seen evidence hinting at a unannounced HTC handset releasing on Verizon Wireless’ network, it appears as if these these two handsets are entirely separate from each other though. HTC and Verizon are supposed to be having an event here soon on September 19th where they will be revealing what they have been working on. Who knows if they’ll show this off though, so far all we know of is a rumored HTC tablet, a handset that we’ve heard literally nothing about aside from a model number and now this. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll be revealing at the event in New York City. While HTC isn’t the most popular company to go with, they are making some pretty cool handsets and devices as of late. We’re also supposedly supposed to be seeing some new Windows Phones at the event too, so that will be interesting to see as well.

Whatever the case, we’ll be keeping up updated as we hear more information on this mysterious handset that has surfaced. What do you think about another HTC device that would be exclusive on Big Red’s network?

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