HTC 5-inch phablet to be offered by Verizon soon

We have been hearing about the Taiwanese company’s attempts to build a 5 inch phablet. And we have seen a few leaked images of the device as well. Now, it turns out that the device does really exist and we will soon be able to see it on store shelves. It is expected that the company will announce the device at its Sep. 19th event. The techies are ready for the device.

We now have some more news about the device. It is being said that the Big Red, Verizon, will be getting this new HTC 5 incher. Verizon seems to have developed a new taste for phablets. We have seen photos of the new Samsung Galaxy Note II with the Big Red logo branded home button. Verizon is also said to be getting the LG Intuition soon enough. That is going to be awesome.

Anyway, back to the HTC device. We have some info about the specs of the device as well. To begin with, the phone will have a 5 inch display with 1080p resolution and an amazing 480ppi, which is way higher than what Apple’s Retina Display offers on the iPhones. Under the hood, you can find a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, and 16 GB of on board memory. This is going to be all the memory you can get as the phone, for some reason, has no microSD card slot. That is going to be a big let out for a device with such an awesome display on it.

But unfortunately, unlike the Note II or the LG Intuition, the HTC device does not come with a stylus. And there is still some dilemma about the name of the device. The name DIx has been pitched by HTC Source, which we think could stand for ‘DROID Incredible X’, judging by the device’s color combination. Well, I guess we will soon find out about that.

Source: PhoneArena