HP Is Working On Getting Back To Smartphone Business

Hewlett Packard has had an on off relationships with smartphones and they have never really been successful with bring out a product that has done well in the market. But the company’s chief executive and president Meg Whitman has now said confirmed that HP is indeed working on a new new, self built smartphone which would eventually surface. Meg Whitman said this during an interview with Fox Business Network.

“We are working on this,” Ms. Whitman told Fox Business Network in an interview. “We have to ultimately offer a smartphone because in many countries of the world that would be your first computing device…we are a computing company.”

HP first began making smartphones that ran on the original Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. These smartphones, which were generally targeted as business phones, did not do very well in the market. Following the emergence of iOS and Android operating system, the company switched tactics and started offering WebOS based Palm smartphones. HP eventually bought Palm in 2010 and went on to manufacture a few more WebOS smartphones and even a tablet based on the same operating system. But this venture failed spectacularly and forced HP to shutdown the WebOS division. Thus came to an end, the cellphone dreams of the PC world leader.

If the company now has plans to get back into the smartphone business, it would either have to develop a smartphone from scratch, possibly with an existing operating system or acquire an existing platform, like it did with Palm and the first name that comes up is Research In Motion. When asked if the company was considering on acquiring the troubled Canadian company, Whitman said, “No, that is not a direction that we’re going to head.”

In that case, it is our guess that HP will in the direction of Nokia and develop Windows Phone 8 operating smartphones and going back to its roots, target the business user. HP has been an Microsoft OEM and an important Microsoft business partner for a long time and it is highly that it would turn towards Google’s Android  as its preferred choice of smartphone operating system.

Source: Nasdaq

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