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Grooveshark Pulled From Google Play…Again

As we reported last week, Grooveshark was making a come back on Google Play. Well, we lied. Sort of. After we saw Grooveshark make a come back on the Google Play Store just a few days ago, it’s just recently been pulled from Google Play and is currently unavailable for usage. While it’s not the most popular music app on the corner, it’s very mysterious that there were no details or any sort of explanation given on Grooveshark’s blog website or even in the Google Play Store, instead, it’s just unavailable. Instead, when you or an interested user are curious about the application and wish to download it, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful error on Google Play:

If you think about it, I don’t think that Grooveshark would just pull it like that again. It’s probably that Google didn’t like something about the newest version of the application. That said, they probably quickly pulled the application with out any answers. I suspect that Grooveshark has a lot of copyrighted songs within it and is charging quite a fortune for the service while not paying the publishers of the song (or owners) a dime. I’m not sure if that’s entirely true or not, but with no explanations given that is the most likely case.

I can’t speak for everyone of course, but I don’t think Grooveshark will be missed one bit. I mean, we already have both Pandora and Spotify on Google Play, both are really great applications and I would argue the most dominant internet streaming applications in the world or at the very least, in the United States. We can all see that both Pandora and Spotify have millions of downloads off of Google Play and is probably listened too a whole lot more off of a web browser or dedicated streaming player. If we want to go deeper than that though, I think that Pandora trumps all of the other applications for two simple reasons. The first reason being that it has been around a lot longer than Grooveshark and Spotify. Thus Pandora has had a lot of time to develop it’s application and increase the performance of it while the other two applications were only a small thought in a developers mind. It really is just an all around better application. Secondly, because it has been out a lot longer than the two applications, it has a larger userbase than any other online music streaming service if the download count says anything. Besides that, there are probably hundreds of thousands of others that don’t use the applications and just use the web browser to access it.

I just think that Pandora really is an all around better application and the loss of Grooveshark isn’t going to be the end of the world like other media outlets seem to make it.

Has anyone used Grooveshark since it came out? Did you sign up for the subscription even? After it was pulled, were you able to get your money back? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Talk Android

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