Google’s Lawn Gets New Melt-Resistant Technology With New Jelly Bean Statue

There was a rather unfortunate event earlier this year on the Google campus, the Jelly Bean statue on Google’s lawn, unfortunately partially melted down under the hot California sun, allowing some mischievous thieves to run off with those sweet plastic Jelly Beans inside. Since Jelly Bean is a rather important move for the Google team, it’s only obvious that they will have to repair it. That said, thankfully a fix has been promised, and not it’s finally arrived – a redesigned Jelly Bean statue from Building 44. It comes with newly advanced reinforced melt-resistant face technology, so everything should be pretty good to go. Hopefully this incident won’t happen again. I mean, we seriously would of hated to see a melted Ice Cream Sandwich situation (maybe since that is technically frozen it comes with built in heat resistance?).

source: android central

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