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Google Reaches 1.3 Million Device Activations Per Day

I think we all have an idea that Android is a really popular operating system for mobile devices, but actually how popular is Android? Well, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, made his presence today at the Motorola-Verizon event in New York City yesterday by appearing on stage and decided to reveal some of the latest numbers for both Android activations and installs. The number has grown drastically over the years and has now moved well past the 1 million mark and is not sitting at 1.3 device activations per day and climbing. That’s not all though, Schmidt continued to tell us that Android now has an install base of 480 million users and with the acquisition of Motorola, that will only help grow that number from here on out.

I can definitely say that we should be expecting a lot more in the Android world to happen after the acquisition of Motorola. We already know of all the changes that Eric Schmidt has made to Motorola, such as laying off around 4,000+ employee’s and closing numerous Motorola building across the world. While we all thought that was a terrible thing, we later learned that Motorola had actually ever been earning any sort of income. They’ve sold phones, made money, paid off debts, paid their employee’s, kept the lights on and then made a new phone. That said, it seems as if Schmidt was just trying to get the company to be substantial on its own, and I think he’s doing a darn good job at that. Aside from that, we haven’t seen any drastic changes in the company, but since they are now focusing on their current devices more instead of constantly building new ones, I can only imagine how many customers are going to be happy with Schmidt purchasing Motorola. It really does seem as if the acquisition is smoothing out and going really well.

I’m kind of excited to see what is in store for the future of Motorola. We all know Eric Schmidt has a brain on his shoulders and does a fantastic job at what he does, but what will we be seeing in the future of Motorola? More focus on updating software for handsets? Starting production on Google’s own hardware? Who knows, but many sources are suspecting that Google will be making their own hardware soon here.

Whatever the case, 1.3 million activations per day is a lot. In two weeks that’s about 182 million devices. Apple these days isn’t doing so well compared to Google hit operating system. I can only imagine with these statistics how well the iPhone 5 will actually do when it releases later this month. Probably not so well, especially with the lawsuits Apple is taking against Android, Android just keeps getting more and more popular. If Android is able to keep up the 1.3 million devices a day, before we know it they’ll have the entire world covered with no room left for Apple (aside from the tiny cult surrounding the Cupertino building).

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