Google Play Opens Twitter Account

Google Play has opened its own Twitter account to reach out to the many users of the app store. According to its first tweet, the account will be used for “special promotions, exclusive content, updates, and awesomeness from Google Play.” Prior to joining Twitter, Google Play made announcements via its e-mail newsletter, to which users subscribe by default when they sign for the first time through their mobile device.

Apart from Google Play, the Mountain View company also has individual accounts for its plethora of services such as Google Chrome (@googlechrome), Google Mobile (@Google Mobile), Google Nexus (@googlenexus), Google Adwords (@adwords), Google Travel Team (@GoogleTravel), Google Earth (@googleearth), Google Tech (@GoogleTech), Google Analytics (@googleanalytics), Google Ventures (@googleventures), and GoogleChat (@GoogleChat), in addition to the main Twitter account of the Google company (@google).

At this point, there has not been a lot of activity yet on the account. However, the Google Play team is trying to remedy the situation by asking a question: “What’s the coolest place you’ve used Google Play? Bonus: upload picture.” It also uses the hashtag #googleplay to make searching of similar topics easier.

Two users have already responded to the question, both with photos. One user answered that he used Google Play on a plane before skydiving, while another uploaded a photo of Osmeña Peak in Cebu, Philippines. The photo was said to be taken with the HDR Camera+ app. The Google Play account retweeted both answers.

It is still unknown whether Google Play will post the same announcements on their e-mail newsletter and their Twitter account. Both modes of communication have their own advantages. Updates from the former is delivered straight to one’s e-mail account. Meanwhile, the latter makes the Google Play team more accessible in case its users have questions, complaints about, or praises for the service.

Google Play currently has 30,112 followers, and is following 74 accounts, including the accounts of the aforementioned Google services.

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