Google Has Updated The Google Authenticator For Ease Of Use

If you’re trying to add a little bit of extra security to your Android device, Google has an app to help you with that. Essentially, it’s a 2-step authentication feature that will really help you keep your device secure. If you’re already using this feature, it may now be a little bit easier to use due to an updated that was just released by Google through the Google Play store. It was rather difficult to use before, but Google seems to have cleaned some things up to hope resolve that nuisance.

The 2-step authentication adds a lot of extra security by requiring a user to have something, in this case their smartphone, to go along with what they already know, their password, when singing in to web sites or their Google account. The smartphone requirement comes as something that users have thanked Google for. It generates a code that should be used along with a password to access the account you’re trying to get into. The update today adds the ability to turn on 2-step authentication without scanning a QR code or re-entering any sort of password on a device.

If you’re not sure whether or not you want to start using the 2-step verification feature, let me tell you that it just adds an extra layer of security around your device in-case some tries to hack into it, it gets stolen, or even if you lose it. It’s just there to help your phone stay secure and safe from “outsiders.” That aside, if you’re not sure whether you are using a 2-step verification or even want to turn it in, you can easily check the security options for your Google Account on your Android device. Google has also provided some very detailed video instructions on setting up your Google Account on your desktop computer to use the 2 step verification feature.

It’s all very handy, I think. There are numerous people out there that would love to use this service to provide that extra inch of security. I haven’t heard of this app, being overly used, but as Google continues to push out updates and help it move forward, I think that it could potentially be something that we might see as pre-installed on our handsets in the feature. I think, personally, that Google does a great job at providing security for your devices as it is, and with this extra measure, it can only get better from here on out.

Are you excited to see this new update come out from Google? It should make things a bit easier to use and maybe even encourage users who once were using it but stopped to come back and try it again. I’ve used it myself, but have never found that I needed the extra security on my device, so I had removed it days later. But for those that are looking for an extra layer of security will really like this specific feature.

You can download it from this link here!

source: talk android

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