Google Glass Shown Off By Sergey Brin In Interview With Wall Street Journal

Since Google I/O, we really haven’t heard a whole lot about Google Glass, the eyewear computing project that Google co-founder Sergey Brin is working on. The most recent sighting of Google Glass was at the New York Fashion Week, but no details on really anything released from that event. Thankfully though, a couple of things about Google Glass today was released, thanks to a chat between Brin and the Wall Street Journal.

During the interview, Sergey Brin let the interviewer wear Google Glass and activate the new device by simply saying, “OK Glass,” which then popped up a menu that would all you to take a picture, record a video, place a phone call, send a message or even allow you to use Google Maps. According to the interview, Google Maps and phone calls are currently only in the prototype stage and are not yet working on most Google Glass models. Still, the technology is there and that would be really cool to see. It really is unfortunate though, it seems like pictures are the only only thing that Google Glass is capable of doing right now.

But, pictures are a great step in the right direction. You’ll be able to take one by simply saying “Take a picture” or even have the device take one about every 10 seconds with the time lapse feature integrated into Google Glass. From the video on Wall Street Journal, there also seems to be this really cool 360 degree panoramic video experience. I’m pretty eager to see what that would actually look like.

Anyone still interested in the Google Glass project? I definitely am. It looks really cool and there is so much that Google would be able to do with it. While pictures and video is impressive on a device like that, I can’t wait until we’ll be able to browse the web using one of these. “Launch Google Chrome.” Yeah, that would be wickedly awesome to see. Of course, scrolling through the page might be difficult, but knowing Google, they would find an extremely easy and simplistic way to do it.

So again, is anyone interested in the project anymore? Developer pre-orders cost around $1500, so I can only imagine what it’s going to be like for the average consumer. Still, a pair of these might be worth it on the basis that it has a longer warranty and is pretty resistant. We’ll have to see what happens.

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source: Droid Life

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  1. Is it possible that Google will build the interface for Google Glasses into future releases of the Android OS and then cajole makers of Android devices into supporting Google Glasses as either the hardware’s primary or secondary display and as a/another camera for the device?

    It would be great if Google continues development of Google Glasses until they can full support Augmented Reality (AR) functionality with location and relative orientation data gathering capabilities.

    I am hoping Google Glasses is the beginning of a universal AR display for all personal electronic devices and vehicles.

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