Google Drive Gets Updated And Brings New Features To The Table

Sometime this last week, a very eager Twitter user released a bunch of new information about Google Drive that wasn’t quite ready. Fast forward all of that news to today, and the update is completely ready, and has been pushed out into Google Play. The full changelog is very extensive, but there are a few really awesome points in the update that is worth taking note. Folder options are now included, allowing you to create, upload to and move files between various folders. For many of us were complaining about this feature not being available for so long which has been a cause of a lot of frustrations with the mobile app, so this is definitely a welcome addition to Google Drive.

The presentation viewing experience has also been improved in this latest update, and now it includes the option to swipe between various slides, view slides in full screen and view accompanying speaker notes. Google has also added basic table elements to the document editor, as has the ability to create, reply to and resolve comments. Here’s some new things we can expect to see:

  • Create folder, upload to folder and move to folder
  • Filter folder contents by file type
  • Option to auto-sync pinned content while on 3G
  • Richer Google Presentations viewing experience
  • Basic table support in Documents Editor
  • Create, reply and resolve comments in Documents Editor
  • View and change fonts in Documents Editor
  • Pinch to zoom in Documents Editor
  • Print files using Google Cloud Print
  • Option to resume interrupted uploads

While Google Cloud Print may not be the most used service either, it is a welcome integration to the mobile Drive application. If you want, you should grab yourself a copy of the app at the Play Store right now, but also check out the video below that’s been releases. While showing off the various new features that has been added to Google Drive, it also shows off a upcoming feature that hasn’t been included in this update —  both native editing and real-time collaboration for spreadsheets (like what you might find in a Google Doc).

You can get the update by either going into your phone and downloading it through the Play Store or by hitting the source link below where you can do a remote update for the application. I’ve tried out some of these new features and it’s actually really cool, well integrated and very helpful. I’d honestly say that this has to be one of their best updates yet to Google Drive.

Have you tried out Google’s new update to Google Drive yet? Do you like the updates to the application like Google Cloud Print? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

source: google play
via: android central