Google buys Snapseed, Google+ integration a possibility?

Snapseed, a photo editing app for iOS, is a popular one. The app has a series of filters, frames, and effects to choose from to apply to your photos. When you think of doing all these stuffs, the first very popular app that pops up in your mind is the Instagram app. If you are an Instagram fan and follow the news regularly, you will know that Facebook acquired Instagram earlier this year. What we all thought was that the world’s largest social network will integrate Instagram into its mobile apps. But the company did not do any such thing and instead released a stand alone Facebook Camera app for iOS.

On Monday, Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior vice president of engineering, announced that Google has acquired Snapseed. Snapseed has an app for iOS, and the Android version of the app is in the works. If you look at this from the angle we are all looking from, it is not difficult to figure out that Google is once again trying to give some competition to its rival in the social networking space. Vic Gundotra, along with the Snapseed acquisition news, mentioned that Google+ has now reached 400 million users, out of which 100 million users are monthly active users.

This is no match to Facebook yet, which has over 920 million monthly active users. But the thing here is that Vic is trying to give a hint as to what the company is planning on doing with Snapseed. Can we see a possible integration of the service into Google+? If so, how will it be? Will we get a mobile camera app which will all the filters, frames, and effects from Snapseed integrated into it?

Or will there be a new Camera app in the next version of Android with all these features integrated into it by default? If this happens, it is going to be a blockbuster. What do you think?

Source: PCWorld

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