Firefox’s mobile OS said to capture 1% of market share by the end of 2013

The smart phone industry is maturing every day with new players coming out to the ground and new technologies are also being introduced on a daily basis. New platforms are also being developed by many companies to best suit their hardware. But many other companies, such as Google, concentrate only on developing new platforms which manufacturers can use to put in more functionality to their smart phones.

One such new platform which is expected to be released publicly very soon is the most anticipated Firefox mobile operating system by Mozilla. We have been having news about the HTML 5 based operating system for some time now, but we have seen the operating system in action very less number of times.

But analysts believe in researching about a potential fiend of investment before it hits the market. And as usual, they already have analysis of the new mobile operating system. According to analysts at the Mobile Business Briefing, Mozilla’s Firefox operating system is going to take over around 1 per cent of the market share by the end of the next year.

It is difficult to make such a solid assumption, but they have done it. The assumption stands on the fact that entry level smart phones being released these days use Google’s Android operating system on them. Analysts believe that this sector of the market will switch to the Firefox operating system, as it is based on the new technology, HTML 5, and is also open source just like Google’s Android.

This could easily become Android’s competition is the entry level smart phone sector. Just like Google’s Chrome OS, the Firefox mobile OS uses a browser to play apps in. This will give developers more flexibility, and can develop really powerful apps. The analysts are counting on these factors and expecting the new platform to get around 1 per cent of the initial market share within the first year of its launch.

Source: Tamoggemon

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