Files Off Of Sprint Server Boast Of a New Samung Device Believed To Be Galaxy Note 2

It’s very possible that a major device could be headed for Sprint’s network. A leaked RDF file off of Sprint’s servers showing off a device called the Samsung SPH-L900 that features a very nice arsenal of specs including: the Exynos 4412 processor, 2 GB of RAM, an 8 mega pixel camera with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean powering the handset. This specifications leak really is matching up to what we saw in the leak from AT&T that led us to confirm that AT&T would be having the Galaxy Note II also.

The only thing that wasn’t listed in the file was the screen size of the new handset. The massive screen on the Galaxy Note was what made the handset very unique from other devices. The only listed specs about the screen was a 1280 x 720 display. That said, it’s very unclear as to if this smartphone is a beefed-up Galaxy S III or the Galaxy Note II that was announced in Berlin, Germany. Whatever this mysterious handset is though, all these features inside the phone are seriously going to be able to compete with any other smartphone when it comes to hardware. The Exyynos 4412 processor is a beast. Add 2 GB of RAM to that and you got a pretty wicked sweet handset.

Samsung originally showed their Galaxy Note II off at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany. It’s really shaping up to look like a extremely strong sequel to the previous Galaxy Note. Samsung Electronics was very focused on creating a handset that would be available to more United States wireless carriers than what was available with the original Galaxy Note. That said, with all of these added features and extremely awesome hardware, the Galaxy Note II will be having a highly anticipated launch sometime in the near future (Samsung said the handset would launch sometime in 2012) with Spring and possibly a few other carriers.

Earlier this week, we saw a leak from AT&T regarding the Galaxy Note 2 which confirmed it would be on the AT&T carrier. The source that gave that information claimed the handset would be launching “very soon.” That same source said that the 5.5 inch behemoth would also be coming to other carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint, along with Bell in Canada. That said, it’s really look like the source was correct as we’ve already seen a rumored image hinting at a Galaxy Note II coming to T-Mobile. Now we’ve even seen this RDF leak from Sprint. Still, since there was no official announcement about the phone, we should all probably take this leak with a very hefty grain of salt.

Are you excited to see Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note II make it to carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint? Hopefully the rumors turn out to be true when it comes to saying that it will be launching on those carriers. I’m sure there’s a ton of T-Mobile and Sprint fans that would love to get their hands on that behemoth of a device. We’ll keep you updated if we see anything else on the Sprint and T-Mobile rumors.

Any thoughts on the matter?

source: Talk Android


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