Farmville 2 Launches On Facebook Today

Can someone shoot me? Please? It looks like Farmville 2 is launching today on Facebook and will be adding a number of new features to the social game’s formula. Thanks to Zynga we get to live through another year of torturous virtual farming and visits from your oh so helpful neighbors. Did we really need another Farmville, I mean really? In fact, does anyone really care about anymore? Is it still popular? Whatever the case, just because FarmVille 2 is launching, that does not mean that Zynga is throwing out the original FarmVille. They’ll continue to develop patches and content for the game so that their players will continuously be mesmerized by the thrill of farming up virtual veggies.

What I’ve found most interesting about this game though, is that Kotaku’s own Kirk Hamilton had a fairly lengthy interview/converstation with LeTourneau and director of design Wright Bagwell on how the game is supposed to reflect on Zynga’s core design philosophy (what disturbs me is that Hamilton wants to see what this game is all about because it looks “shiny”).

Some new features you’ll find in the “new” FarmVille includes more complex mechanics to keep your crops alive. One of those things is water; water is now required to keep your crops sustained until it’s time for harvest. It’s easily the most strategic and most difficult aspect of the game. One thing many players might find exciting as there is no more energy in the game. Now all your farm addicts can play all day long! Resources will still run out though, so you may want to use your hard-earned cash to pay for more (totally a waste of money in general). Crafting has also been added to the game, except it’s not as exciting as it sounds. If you’ve ever played FrontierVille (which, you probably have) you’ll see that the crafting system is very similar to what you’ll find in FrontierVille.

What will be interesting to see is if FarmVille will be making it to Android and iOS devices along with a lot of the other Zynga games that are somehow making it on to the two platforms. Of course, they probably don’t want to expand off of Facebook with this game as it’d seem like it would be really complicated to port it to Android and iOS. As you can probably tell, I’m really not bent on the idea of virtual farming. I mean, atleast you get some exercise in real life (unless left clicking all of the time counts as exercise).

Is anyone excited to see FarmVille 2? Have you tried it yet at all? Is it a stark difference from the original FarmVille? Or are you noticing a Game of Thrones-esque theme to the game? FarmVille meets Game of Thrones…man, that would definitely be quite an interesting game. I still think that this is just a waste of everyone’s time though.

Whatever the case, let us know your opinion in the comments below!

source: Kotaku

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