Facebook Tests Photo Syncing Feature On Facebook For Android App

Facebook is offering a new feature called Photo Syncing for users of its Facebook for Android app. It is still, however, in the testing phase. Facebook explains that it is currently available only for those who have the newest Facebook for Android app.



Through this feature, one can use the Android device to take a photo. The Facebook app sends the photo to one’s Facebook account, allowing users to take advantage of Facebook as a storage space. Each user is allotted 2GB of private storage space.  The photo, however, will be private until users give Facebook the green light to share it with other people. The feature is somewhat like Google+  Instant Upload or Apple Photostream.

In general, the app syncs photos automatically, but Facebook also considers factors such as personal syncing preferences. Users can opt to sync via Wi-Fi and a cellular network or through Wi-Fi alone. On a 3G or 4G cellular network connection, Facebook automatically resizes the photos to a smaller size of roughly 100K, allowing users to save on costs on their data plan. When users are on a Wi-Fi connection, however, the app will upload larger photos. The feature may also be turned off completely.

Likewise, the feature takes note of one’s battery level and prevents the app from syncing photos when the user’s battery is low, preventing the process to drain the battery. These settings may be changed easily by heading to Account, then to App Settings.

Users can sync photos not only from the app but also from a computer. On the Facebook app, users may access the feature by going to the Timeline, then to Photos, and tapping Sync. Meanwhile, on a computer, users should head to Timeline, then to Photos, and click on Synced From Phone. The app and the website will provide instructions to make the process easier.

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