Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android updated

Facebook is the world’s most used social networking site with millions of active monthly users. The social network is used so widely that you can find tens of friends on your list online at any given time. But the only problem, or complaint, that Facebook users, including me, have is that the website has no proper mobile apps. No doubt it has dedicated Facebook and Messenger apps for both iOS and Android, but these are very sluggish and sometimes just crash for no good reason.

This is the common review that the apps get. Now, the social networking giant has updated the Messenger and Facebook apps on both the platforms with some really good improvements. The user interface has been changed and it looks really good now. There are shortcuts for some very important and frequently used tasks, such as online friends.

You can swipe left anywhere in the Messenger app to get the list of friends. This list has also been updated to a great extent. You now have a new category called Favorites. You can add the people you chat most with on Facebook to this list, which will always appear at the top of the column. So you can easily and quickly find out if your best friends are online or not.

The chat window has also been updated. There is a new chat style now, which looks more alive than the previous one. The balloon style has also been changed. Also, the Messenger app for iOS now has support for the newly released Apple iPhone 5. So if you have bought the iPhone 5 and are frustrated that the Messenger app did not work properly on your new device, here is the solution now. So what are you waiting for? Download the app right now from your respective app markets and enjoy the improved user experience.