Existing Orange T-Mobile Customers Experiencing Transfers To Everything Everywhere

United Kingdom mobile customers are getting really excited over the new and expanding LTE services that were just recently announced by EE (Everything Everywhere). Orange T-Mobile customers are currently required to transfer over to an EE LTE plan so that they can take advantage of the extra speed, but it seems that these customers are not the only ones that are seeing this transfer. While it might be a welcomed transfer, there are numerous users out there experiencing a lot of confusion.

Existing customers that were set up on an Orange or T-Mobile contract also happen to be seeing this transfer. In fact, it happened to one of Android Central’s devices which was followed up by some unfortunate issues with web browsing over cellular data. That said, it’s apparently messed up the signal on some of the handsets and/or the transfer wasn’t done properly. I say this because Android Central was able to ring up customer service where they were able to update some different settings to change over to EE and then they were back online. So, to me, it does sound like an issue with the transfer if settings were not updating properly. Android Central noted that you should keep that in mind in case you have some issues with the transfer also.

I can imagine that this is all apart of the EE (Everything Everywhere) re-branding. There’s no doubt that it is, because other wise, I don’t think they would be trying to transfer everything over. Then again, who knows how they’re trying to run this new LTE service. Whatever the case, it’ll be interesting to see how EE moves forward with their new LTE network service. It’s the first legit LTE network to launch in the United Kingdom, and has so far, proved to be very reliable and speedy. It’ll also be interesting to see how it’s competitors will respond to the network. With EE signing a deal with MasterCard concerning some of the NFC technology in the UK, along with EE getting its LTE service, I wonder how EE’s competitors are going to catch up. It just seems like EE has took a giant leap in terms of technology and has completely left their competitors dead on the road. Not only that, but since it’s the first LTE service in the UK, there’s no doubt that they will see a very large influx of customers.

It’s also been reported that this transfer is going to be continuous, so many customers should begin seeing this change fairly soon. Has anyone experience the change as of yet? Has it affected your cellular data at all or anything that hasn’t been reported on as of yet? If so, we’d like to hear about it in the comments below!

source: talk android



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