Everything Everywhere Launching New Network on Tuesday

Remember a while back when Everything Everywhere said it was going to launch a 4G LTE network in the United Kingdom? Well, we’re getting closer to that day. The company that owns Orange and T-Mobile UK is getting ready to launch a new brand at an event in London next Tuesday, September 11th. At this event it’s also very likely that Everything Everywhere will be giving us a load of details on their upcoming 4g LTE network. The invite that was sent out today says that the company will be showing off its “new brand and the latest innovation in network technology.” Supposedly, that’s going to be EE’s latest-greenlit 1800MHz 4G network.

It’s also something to note that this event will be taking place 24hrs before Apple is going to be unveiling its iPhone5, which is expected to have LTE connectivity. The only thing is, LTE may not be available in European countries because it holds the wrong frequency. That happened with the iPad 3, so it may be something to expect in the iPhone 5 too.

We’re also under the understanding that Orange staff have already been briefed that the early stages of EE’s new 4G LTE network will flip the switch on the 11th during the event. Details are still pretty sketchy on what that would entail along with what cities would be covered by this network. Whatever the case, both Orange and T-Mobile do not currently sell 4G enabled handsets, so that’s probably the downside of everything. For those that are unfamiliar with the mobile technology in the United Kingdom right now, the country is still lacking any type of 4G networks. That said, if Orange and T-Mobile were able to flip the switch next Tuesday, this would be a huge development for the country.

source: android central

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