eBay For Android Updated, Gets a Whole Lot Prettier

I do a lot of buying and sell off of eBay pretty frequently, and as of late, I have been using my mobile devices to do both buying and selling. It was a very nice application when it came to performance and easy access. It was a very easy application to use, but the application looked like it was designed by someone still living in the past. It really wasn’t a modern application. It was annoying on the eyes and was often pretty frustrating to use. I would love to see the application reach for a different design. Thankfully, that day is here.

Ebay brought themselves up to date with a snazzy update as they released version 2.0. As I indicated, it comes with a new modern update that looks very sharp, clean, simple and most of all, usable. This isn’t the only thing that eBay added though. The company added eBay Motors support, bidding history, and even more. They’ve also added some simplified navigation throughout the application so there isn’t a thousand different categories to sift through. One of the most notable changes is probably payment support for both Malaysia and Singapore. Oh and Italy and Spain are now able to list items within the application, which should be exciting for our readers who live out that way.

Another thing they added was the ability to add up to 12 photos when listing an item within the application. While this wasn’t groundbreaking, it is nice to see that we have some new options to work with. Check out the full changelog:

  • Find cars, trucks, motorcycles as well as compatible parts and accessories with the mobile-optimized eBay Motors experience (US only, more countries coming soon)
  • Improved My eBay list access
  • Simplified navigation throughout the app
  • View bidding history on an item
  • Add up to 12 photos when listing an item with the app
  • Users in Italy and Spain can now list items with the app
  • Payment support for Malaysia and Singapore

source: talk android

2 Replies to “eBay For Android Updated, Gets a Whole Lot Prettier”

  1. There’s definitely something wrong, but I’m not sure its the app now. I downgraded to the old version, and I still cannot sign-in. Perhaps something else is wrong today with eBay.

  2. Great……Updated and now I can’t log on (network error, yer right).
    Why fix something that ain’t broke??????

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