Duarte Thinks Android User Experience Has A Long Way To Go

Just a couple of years ago, Google hired webOS designer Matias Duarte  to help direct the Android User Experience, and so far, has been doing a great job. Since he was hired, Duarte has been responsible for many of the design decisions that went into creating the award-winning Android user interface experience. Duarte has really put some hard work and long hours into it, but his work has been recognized again, but this time by Fast Company, who name Duarte as one of the top fifty designers in shaping the future.

Despite all of the recognition, Duarte has indicated that he is far from where he wants to be with Android (which to me is quite surprising). With a few comments on his Google+ page, Duarte has indicated that he is really “only about a third of the way where I want to be with regards to consistency, responsiveness, and polish.” While this may be true, I think a lot of us Android are almost surprised at that statement, as the Android User Experience is already fantastic. How much better could it get? Of course, this statement also lines up and is consistent with statements he made at the Mobile World Congress in February earlier this year.

Do you think that Duarte has a long way to go with the Android User Experience, and what do you think the remaining two thirds of the Android User Experience are going to look like in the future?

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source: talk android

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