Do Your Bit For Earth In Style With Oree Wooden Keyboards

One thing common to almost all electronic items is the limited product life. The time it takes for an electronic item to become obsolete is growing ever shorter. There are, however, exceptions and one of the best examples of a resilient piece of electronic hardware is the physical keyboard.

Physical keyboards have refused to become obsolete even in the age of touch devices. On the contrary, the emergence of touch devices has increased the demand for wireless keyboards. And it is pretty much clear that keyboards as the standard input devices are not going anywhere in the near future. Considering the longevity of keyboards, it is a good idea to invest in a piece of hardware that will last a long time, at the same time, offer a unique feel and style.

Keyboards from a France based company called Oree have a product to offer that offer longevity, aesthetics, practicality and the same time going soft on the ecosystem. Oree offers wireless wooden keyboards that are individually handcrafted, offering unmatched beauty.

“We combine cutting-edge milling technologies and timeless woodworking techniques passed down generation of French woodcrafters and cabinetmakers. Each Orée object is crafted, polished, oil-finished and assembled by hand in our workshop in southern France.”, the website reads.
“Based on high quality components & materials to maximize durability & reliability. Each Board is polished, oil-rubbed and assembled by hand in our workshop to offer a genuine & perfect finish.”

Oree wooden keyboards come in two choices. Units built out of Maple wood, which has a lighter shade and Walnut, which has a darker shade. Each unit is handcrafted from a single board of wood and have a Bluetooth 3.0 chipset from Broadcom (BCM20730). The AAA battery that powers it lasts for months.

Besides the type of wood, Oree also lets customers select the keyboard layout, choice of three fonts and even add a personal message, that will be engraved in the wood.

Oree wooden keyboards cost €125.00 and can be ordered from their website

Source: Oree

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