Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 spotted in Red Bull app promo

Nokia has been going through a financial nightmare lately, and they’re trying out all the methods to stay afloat, from selling their patents to laying off large number of employees, they’ve done it all. The two new additions in Lumia range are pretty great, and are exactly what the company needs in order to save itself.

The new Lumia devices have the potential to become best seller, and Nokia is trying hard to make it popular by tying up with notable brands for promotion. One such tie up is with Red Bull, where in which the energy drink company will be releasing an application called “The World Of Red Bull”, exclusively for Lumia. As you know, Red Bull sponsors a vast number of extreme sports athletes around the world, and using this application, users of Nokia Lumia 920 will be updated with up to date news of all the sport stars who are related to Red Bull.

The app will basically feature videos and news from all over the world and of course, users can filter out content that they aren’t interested in. In addition, users can also view a map where in which all the latest Red Bull events will be marked and users can invite friends to attend the events with them through social networks such as FaceBook.

Below is a promotional video of “The World Of Red Bull” app:

Nokia had previously announced that they would be offering Lumia 920 in red, yellow, black and white colors, however, some customers aren’t happy with those colors and want more options to choose from, notably the cyan color that the Lumia 900 comes in, and to be honest, a cyan color phone does stand out of the crowd.

Seems like Nokia has made a note of the demand, because if you watch the above video made by Red Bull closely, you’ll see a cyan Lumia 920 among the action-packed footage of what the app can do. To make things easier, you can find it in the 0:38 mark.

The highly anticipated iPhone 5 that was launched few days back didn’t live up to its hype. The new iPhone has nothing revolutionary in it, though Apple has officially said that they’ve hit the two million pre order mark in the first 24 hours, which pushes the iPhone 4S pre-orders out of the top slot by nearly double. This proves that device’s specs have little to do with its success, but there’s another crowd which does think before buying, and they may find the Nokia Lumia 920 to be a viable option. Nokia’s Lumia 920 is a bit of revolutionary, and is certainly up to the iPhone 5’s standards. It has a 4.5-inch screen with 1,280 by 768 pixels, which converts to a pixel density figure of 332ppi, and yes, it’s close to what Apple is offering in its retina display. In addition to this, Nokia’s advanced Synaptics technology allows users to operate the touchscreen while wearing gloves. Wireless charging is just icing on the cake, and eventually this will become a standard for all smartphones, but at present, iPhone 5 doesn’t have it.

What are your thoughts on Nokia’s efforts? Let us know.

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