China’s Baidu Boasts Of Speedier Browser

China’s leading search browser, Baidu, is now taking a step-forward to international stage. Android users can now take advantage of this new search browser as it features a fast and new HTML5, and JavaScript engine.

The Beijing-based company says it can compete with its rivals like Google and Opera.

During the annual Baidu World forum, the company announced the development of the browser since 2010. The new browser allows users to download either English or Chinese versions. The strategy is obviously to attract users around the world that uses English as primary or secondary language. Experts say that this new browser is 20 percent faster than its rivals.

Baidu takes up 80% of the search market in China and the company is flexing its muscles to venture to the international arena by establishing links with France Telecom’s Orange  operator in Egypt to expose the browser there.

The search services of Baidu in China will be included in the forthcoming Apple iOS 6, marking another milestone for the company.

According to the assessment made by Baidu, the Baidu Explorer get the remarkable score of 482 over 500 compared to other browsers on the HTML test. Mobile Chrome got a score of 371, Firefox 349, while Opera tops at 367. The MacBook Pro that uses Chrome 21 on Mac OS X Lion get the score of 437 and iPhone 4s using Mobile Safari gets only 324.

The company wants their rivals to know that their new browser is the most dominating in every standard tests, like the JavaScript tests. The company scores higher on WebGL test compared to its competition.

Baidu is much better with T5 engine, the T5 (T stands for Taikonaut and 5 for HTML5) combines the WebSocket and the Web notification technologies that allow developers to access hardware functions like the webcam. However, Baidu get only 276 on the HTML5 test, when T5 engine failed.

The browser offers more core features like the intelligent Chinese voice search, multi-task rendering and easier access of location-based services.

The company poster a total profits of $859 million. Baidu also hinted that one of its goals is to pre-install its Baidu search or browser software on 80 percent Chinese Android batch of phone before the year ends.

Domestically, Baidu shares its profits with the mobile browser UCWeb and Opera. For several years, they share profits through the searches of users using Baidu browser. Rumors are saying Baidu is also planning to invest in UCWeb. The rivalry between the two firms apparently grow and created some stir in the industry in China.  However, a Baidu representative has recently denied the rumors and assured the public that both Baidu and UCWeb have a good working relationship.

The main goal of Baidu is to invade more Southeast Asian market by 2020. This is a long term goal for Baidu and projecting an ambition to derive profit outside of China. By doing this, they can attract more users and surely they will dominate this arena. Baidu is not focusing only in Asia as it has entered quietly Brazil earlier this year.

Baidu also shares the Chinese search market with competitors like Qihoo 360, which launched its own search engine about a month ago and easily snatched a 10 percent market share. Qihoo 360 swept over Google in this initial entry quite easily. The rivalry between Baidu and Qihoo 360 has recently reached feverishly high as each side started blocking each other’s services.

source: thenextweb

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