China to get Nokia Lumia 510

It was previously rumored that Nokia is working on a successor of the low end Nokia Lumia, the Lumia 610. According to a post on a Chinese web site Baidu, the rumors are indeed true and the web site has posted few pictures of the phone. The phone in the question is being called as Nokia Lumia 510, and as you would expect from a low end phone, the rumored hardware specs are also pretty subtle.

The Nokia Lumia 610 comes with a 3.7 inch capacitive touch screen display with a not so outstanding resolution of 800×480 pixels. Underneath the screen is an 800 MHz single core processor backed by 256 MB of RAM. The specs aren’t very performance oriented, however, it runs Windows Phone 7.5 Tango instead of Mango. The Tango version is designed to be used with lower specs, and it works pretty well with the given resources.

Unlike the Lumia 610, the Lumia 510 is said to come with a 4 inch LCD touchscreen and a 5 megapixel camera (no LED flash). Rest of the specs are pretty similar. The phone makes use of MSM7227A chip that is clocked at 800MHz and is coupled with 256 MB of RAM. The phone won’t be running Windows Phone 8, but will be running Windows Phone 7.8. It’s not clear whether 7.8 will be offered out of the box or as an upgrade option, but the point is that it will run Windows Phone 7.8. The device is 12 millimeters thick and weighs a modest 129 grams.

Below are the specs written in a better fashion:
• 4 “LCD screen, 5MP
• 120.7 x 64.9 x 11.51 (mm), 129 (g)
• 800MHz MSM7227A + 256MB RAM + Windows Phone 7.5/7.8

Yes, the specs aren’t eye catchy, but then it’s not supposed to be as it’s a budget gadget. Windows Phone 8 is just round the corner and it is a very promising platform, but Lumia 510, 610 or any current Windows Phone 7x device for that matter won’t be receiving upgrade to Windows Phone 8. The reason lies in the fact that Windows Phone 8 is completely different and restructured. With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has moved on from the old Windows CE architecture to Windows NT kernel, which means it will have many of its components taken from Windows 8, thus allowing applications to be easily ported between the two platforms. As of now, Windows Phone still has less than 5% market share, but with the launch of Windows Phone 8 devices, Microsoft hopes to rival Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android in order to become a third major mobile platform.

It is said that Nokia Lumia 510 is made especially for the Chinese market, and it’s great to see Nokia making use of the opportunity when it can. The phone may not make it to Europe or the U.S. There’s no world on price tag, but better be carrying a tempting price tag if it wants to compete with entry level Android devices. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know using the comment form below.

Source: WPCentral , Baidu

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