China-based Tablet Makers Revamp Products To Compete With The iPad

Tablet PC makers based in China are working to create more diverse products. This, they believe, will allow them to be more competitive against Apple Inc.’s iPad as well as expand business opportunities in the country.

One such company is TCL Corp., which released a product called the iCE Screen just last month. The iCE Screen has a display that measures 26 inches, which is somewhere between the size of a regular television and a tablet PC. Televisions usually range between 40 to 60 inches. Meanwhile, tablet PCs often come in 7-inch and 10-inch models. TCL Corp.’s main competitors are Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics, both of which do not have a similarly-sized device. Samsung, during the same month, launched a television spanning 75 inches whereas LG unveiled what is currently world’s biggest 3D TV, measuring 84 inches.

The iCE Screen, therefore, responds to consumers who need a mobile product with a screen that is just large enough to provide enjoyment, but not as large as traditional televisions.  TCL is optimistic about the new product, estimating its sales to hit 1 million in just six months.

To enhance the iCE Screen, TCL Corp. teamed up with Tencent Holdings Ltd., a software company which had not, prior to helping develop the iCE Screen, worked on a product for the household before. Tencent is responsible for the apps on the iCE Screen, such as QQ, QQ online album, and QQ music. Like TCL Corp., Tencent has a positive outlook for the product, underscoring its mix of software and hardware that encourages creativity through technology. Already, a successor to the device is being considered.

Analysis International, a research company specializing on IT, reports that the market share of China-based companies in its home country is on the rise during the first six months of this year. In the top spot is still Apple Inc., which has a share of 69.07 percent, followed by Lenovo, which enjoys 10 percent.

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