C Spire Announces Its 4G LTE Network Live And Brings Motorola Photon Q With It

Major wireless carriers aren’t the only ones moving towards 4G LTE connectivity for their handsets — regional carriers are moving that way too. Formerly known as Cellular South, C Spire has announced that it has officially launched its 4G LTE service in both the Greenville and McComb markets as of today. Their hope is that this newly launched and expand service will bring in some blazing fast network speeds along with awesome handsets that are capable of using the full extent of 4G LTE. That said, C Spire has also announced the Motorola Photon Q smartphone on their network. They’ve said that the handset will be available for $199 on-contract, while the Samsung flagship device, the Galaxy S III, will be “coming soon.”

Is anyone interested in getting a handset off of C Spire? Sure, they aren’t a major carrier, but there’s no doubt that they at least have a decently good service for their customers. If you’re not in the C Spire coverage area, if you were, would you be interested in giving it a shot? It’s at least nice to know that lesser-known networks are also expanding. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

C Spire has a full list of details for you, just hit the source link below.

source: C Spire
via: talk android

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