Bing is the new default search engine on the new Kindle Fire HD

Amazon recently announced the all new Kindle Fire HD, the generation budget tablet from the company. And with its launch, it looks like Amazon is trying to cut the business partnership with Google. How can we say this? Well, there are a few indications. The company has changed the default search engine on the tablet from Google to Microsoft’s Bing. This could mean a lot of traffic loss to the world’s most used search engine, because being the default search engine of devices such as the Kindle Fire and a lot of other browsers and devices is how Google gets so much of visitors and page views.

Not only this, but Apple is moving away from using Google Maps on the tablet to Nokia’s Ovi Maps. And not just Amazon, a lot of other companies are also trying to reduce their dependency on Google’s content and services. For example, Apple has decided to ditch the YouTube app on its new iOS 6 mobile operating system along with Google Maps.

This could mean a big blow to Google. If companies such as Apple and Amazon stop using Google’s services, the company will be left with Android alone. And if OEMs take the path that Amazon took, of using Android’s base for building their own operating system, then Google will have to start building new products. Android Authority writes:

Eliane Fiolet of Ubergizmo was able to get a hands-on experience with a Kindle Fire HD, and were quite surprised to find that the tablet’s Silk mobile browser had Bing as the default search engine.

“Bing comes as the default for Silk, Amazon says, but users will have the option of switching to Google or Yahoo if they wish,” writes Eric Abent at Slashgear. Eric speculates that Microsoft may have sponsored Bing’s prominent placement in Amazon’s Silk browser, although the company would not comment on the matter

The big question is, will other OEMs follow suit?

Source: Android Authority