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Bechmarks detailed iPhone 5 performance advantage over competitors

iPhone 5 has already been released and in a matter of few weeks, it will start to spread around the globe. While Apple tried to say all good things about its new flagship, it didn’t released the detailed specifications of the hardware used inside the device leaving tech enthusiasts and iPhone lovers wondering why.

This year, smartphone manufacturers seemed to have set their focus on releasing devices with really impressive specs. Samsung is one of the companies to have set the benchmark high enough that other key players in the industry found it difficult to match. The fact is, many thought Apple’s iPhone 5 couldn’t beat Samsung Galaxy S3 as far as performance is concerned.

However, the recent benchmarks done by AnandTech revealed the specs of iPhone 5’s processor, the amount of RAM and GPU model. Aside from that, the tests done on the new iPhone proved that it is still king in the world of smartphones.

According to AnandTech, iPhone 5 sports a custom A6 chipset featuring a dual-core processor clocked between 800MHz and 1.2GHz depending on the load. Apple put 1GB of RAM into it to complement its CPU and PowerVR SGX543MP3 GPU to cater Retina Display feature on a 4-inch screen.

The first set of tests was done, through BrowserMark, to show the browsing capabilities of iPhone 5 and results show that the newly-released device reached the score of 191726 while the international version (quad-core version) of Galaxy S3 achieved 172237 score. It may be a close competition but the fact that the dual-core-powered smartphone beats the quad-core in browser test means iPhone 5 has more muscles in it.

Moreover, the results of iPhone 4S running iOS 6 settled at 106029. Therefore, Apple engineers did a great job in putting so much power into the new model that it almost doubled the previous model’s browser performance score.

Apple claimed boldly during the launch of its new device that it will double the CPU performance of the previous model. But based on the benchmarks done by AnandTech, it seems like every aspect has been doubled or even tripled. Below is the Geekbench 2 performance chart showing the scores of both devices.

The GPU tests also showed the superiority of iPhone 5 over other devices, although the third generation iPad still claims supremacy over all of them. LG Optimus G with Adreno 320 GPU was able to surpass iPhone 5’s GPU performance by two points in Egypt HD (Offscreen 1080p) test using GLBenchmark 2.5. But other than that, Apple devices rule.

AnandTech did a great job in reviewing and running the tests. So, if you want to learn more about iPhone 5’s hardware performance, you can visit the link at the end of this post. Smartphone manufacturers have a lot of high-end devices lined up for release before 2012 would be over in a bid to dominate the market. However, Apple has proven (again) its device is still the most powerful and perhaps the most popular smartphone today.

Source: AnandTech

Via: GSM Arena

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