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AT&T LG Escape Press Photo and Specs Leaked

LG Escape has recently been rumored to go straight to AT&T in the U.S. and it seems like all signs are pointing to the same direction as the most recent leak suggests the same. Many enthusiasts believe the photo posted on Twitter a couple of days ago was actually the official press shot of LG Escape, it was never confirmed by either AT&T or LG though.

Together with the press shot, some initial info and specs have also been shared. That said, LG Escape is said to be having a model number P870 and codenamed “Kun.” While there is no other facts relating to the pricing and availability, having the press photo leaked out would mean it will not take long before LG would actually make the official announcement and AT&T to confirm a new device is coming under its network.

Processor. LG Escape will sport a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz but there’s no info about the chipset and brand of the unit. However, LG seems to be a fan of Qualcomm so there is a possibility that Escape would be getting a Snapdragon S4.

Display. AMOLED fans may stay away from this device as it features an IPS LCD screen with qHD resolution. Just in case you’re wondering what “qHD” means, AnandTech briefly and clearly explained it; qHD means “quarter HD.” It further means you would be getting a quarter of the full HD resolution. LG Escape comes with 4.3-inch display so the qHD may bring higher pixel density to the device.

Cameras. There will be two cameras on this device; the primary will be getting 5 megapixels while the secondary—front-facing camera—gets 1.5MP. If there’s one thing you couldn’t expect from LG as far as smartphones are concerned, that would be a better camera.

Connectivity. Aside from the typical connectivity features such as WiFi and Bluetooth, LG Escape will also feature Near Field Communication (NFC). For now, people see NFC as means for mobile payment system, however, there’s more to it than that.

Battery. LG has put an impressive battery pack in this device with 2150 mAh, provided that the newly leaked specs are true. LG Escape may have greater advantage as far as power is concerned considering it does not feature AMOLED display technology, which is known to be a power hog.

The South Korean manufacturer is actually doing well in the mobile market today and that might just be the reason we will be seeing more high quality devices. Let’s wait for the official confirmation and announcement of LG Escape.

Source: EVLeaks

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