ArenaNet deals with Guild Wars 2 Account Security Issue, New Authenticator App Coming Soon

Account breaches are a common issue among popular MMOs of these days, including Guild Wars 2. Good thing ArenaNet recently comes up with a transitory, yet, effective solution that limits hackers from pilfering more GW2 accounts. ArenaNet is also expected to roll out a new authenticator app that will help keep player accounts more secure.

At yesterday’s blog post, Mike O’Brien, co-founder and president of ArenaNet and executive producer of Guild Wars games talked about the company’s proactive approach in dealing with account security issues that emerged since Guild Wars 2’s beta release.

Initially, Anet has failed to provide an authentication system upon the release of Guild Wars 2. As an outcome, the company has been receiving criticisms apart from customer complaints concerning hacked accounts, in light of the game’s highly triumphant launch. Since then, account security has been a reiterating issue raised by a number of GW2 account owners.

Nevertheless, these concerns are now being moderately addressed.

According to Mr. O’Brien, account security issues are usually inflicted by using poor passwords as well as utilizing same good passwords through different websites. So far, Anet has already developed an email authentication system for Guild Wars 2 as prior means of keeping customer accounts secure. But despite this integration, hackers continue to penetrate GW2 accounts.

Given the persisting dispute, GW2 developers came up with a new authenticator app, in testing.  It was a smartphone two-factor authenticator system designed in a way that players can access quickly. However, Anet had to recoil this app and replaced it with Google Authenticator instead.

As elucidated by Mr O’Brien in his most recent announcement, Google Authenticator’s authentication implementations are tougher than the company’s homegrown implementations on most major smartphone platforms. This made them opt for Google instead of their own authenticator app. The new system is expected to roll out in the next two weeks, according to Anet’s president.

For now, ArenaNet is utilizing a proactive approach to address these account hacking concerns. Knowing the fact that hackers generally target weak and commonly used passwords to infiltrate numbers of Guild Wars 2 accounts, ArenaNet has blacklisted a group of passwords, which they considered vulnerable. The banned list is already comprised of over 20 million passwords.

While password blacklisting is just a transient fix, ArenaNet has by far managed to lessen the number of account security issues with Guild Wars 2. As noted by GW2’s executive producer on his most recent declaration, the rate of account hacking incidents approximately dropped to 0.1 percent from 1.5 percent. That applies to all GW2 accounts created before and after the blacklist is implemented.

Meanwhile, Arena Net has not yet disclosed a definite date as two when the Google Authenticator will be integrated into Guild Wars 2. For sure, many of GW2 fans are already looking forward to gauge with the new authentication implementation by then.

Sources: | GameArena

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