Apple’s new patent describes locking/unlocking devices using face recognition

Unlocking a device using face recognition is something which we have already seen. Long back, with the release of Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, Google used this technology to bring more security to a user’s device. But that was easily hacked using a photograph of the user, which is a different story all by itself. Another example of this would be the technology used by Samsung in its new smart phone, the Galaxy S III, in which the user has to blink his eyes for the device to be unlocked.

Now, Apple is working on the same grounds to bring in a new type of unlocking mechanisms to its devices. Though the technology used is the same, the Cupertino tech giant is working on a different take.

On Android devices, for the face recognition to work and unlock the device, you will first have to activate the screen. But according to Apple’s new patent, its devices will not need this to happen. For example, when your Apple device is lying on the table and you pick it up, the device will sense that it has been moved and will activate the front facing camera on the device. The camera will then try to take a snap of the person who is in front of it and then match with the photo of the owner of the device. If the photos match, the device will be unlocked.

The same technology will be used to lock the device also. So, as you can see, the technology used is the same, but with a different take on it. There is no work as to when the company will be integrating this new feature into its devices. But we can safely assume that the future releases of the operating system iOS, or in future devices, Apple may include this feature.

Source: Ubergizmo