Apple still had a year of Google Maps contract

Apple released the all new iOS 6 with more than 200 new features in it, and with it came the new and bigger iPhone 5. One of the many new features includes the first ever Apple’s own mapping service. If you have the new iPhone 5 or have updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 6, you would have by now found out how accurate the new Apple Maps is. There will be screenshots of the app showing almost everything wrong on Facebook every day. You would be thinking why did Apple remove the Google Maps powered app on iOS which did everything just quite perfectly till now.

Well, the answer is that Google did not provide a lot of features in its mapping system on iOS when compared to its Google Maps app on Android, for instance, there was no turn by turn navigation on Google Maps on iOS, but Google did ship the Google Maps app on Android with turn by turn navigation from many years.

Apple had made the decision to terminate Google Maps powered maps on its operating system and come up with its own mapping system well before the WWDC event in June this year. When the Cupertino tech giant decided this, there was still a year of contract left with Google Maps.

What does Google has to say about this? Well, when asked, Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt said the company’s renewal demands were just not okay for Google. So Google had to let go of Apple’s contract. But this means one less market for the company. So it decided to make an app for iOS, the Google Maps for iOS. But this is still in works and sources say that it would not be ready for a few more months.

Google did host an event just before Apple’s iPhone 5 event to showcase what it is doing with the mapping system and what we can expect in the future. And by the looks of it, we can expect a lot in the near future.

Source: The Verge