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Apple requests permanent sales ban on Samsung devices, additional $707 million

Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple, requested for a new court order to impose permanent sales ban on Samsung devices that have allegedly violated some of its patents. On top of that and the billion-dollar verdict it won from last month’s trial, the iPhone-maker also pressed for an additional $707 million pay from the South Korean manufacturer.

Obviously not contented with the US jury’s final verdict last month, both parties appealed for a new trial to be heard; Samsung is hoping the verdict be reversed while Apple looks forward to receiving a much bigger paycheck from its competitor.

Samsung has recently filed for a new motion asking the US District Court in San Jose to hold a new court hearing over the same patent claims against Apple. The Korean firm seemed to dislike the court’s advance order to impose limits on time trial, exhibits and witnesses. If recalled, both sides were only given a total of 25 hours for witness testimony. The firm has noted such constraints were unprecedented, especially for a complex patent case they have against a techno-giant entity. It further said that somehow the US court has hindered Samsung from handing out a complete and reasonable case, responding to Apple’s many complaints.

On its latest filing, Samsung specifically requested the Court to grant both parties with enough time as well as fair treatment.

Apart from time trial constraints, Samsung also expressed some sort of displeasure over the court’s patent rulings associated with the product’s shape aside from technological aspects. In a separate statement, the Korean firm said it seems prejudicial for a court to endow one firm with a monopoly over the shape of the product (in their case against Apple, rectangles with rounded corners) knowing that other companies, including Samsung Electronics, endeavors to develop every day.

On the other hand, the American-based firm is also asking the US court to conduct another session over the same case against Samsung.

On its motion filed last Friday, the iPhone-maker requested an additional $707 million pay from its rival firm. The specified amount covers damage award for design infringement worth $400 million, willful infringement of utility patents worth $135 million, supplemental damages worth $121 and prejudgment interest on damages worth $50 million, which covers the trial period until 31st of December.

Yet, the most interesting motion filed by Apple is the permanent injunction on a number of Samsung’s infringing products or any Samsung device with features similar to Apple. Even the sizzling hot Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone is not excused from this injunction. Given all these at stake, Samsung needs to win this next trial.

Source: Reuters

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