Apple releases iPhone 5 commercials

Apple has always been known for its ads. Most of the adverts have been great. The famous “1984” ad for Macintosh, 1997’s “Think Different,” the 2006 John Hodgman / Justin Long “Get a Mac” series, are all quite memorable. They just know how to do things correctly, except that they seemed to have been out of their minds when they made those three commercials which were aired during 2012 London Olympics.

The three ads which were released during the Olympics recently marked the departure of Apple’s usual advertising style. All the three adverts had an actor posing as an Apple Genius Bar employee, and the ads honestly looked stupid. The young Apple Genius is seen helping customers on how to use a Mac, and in one of the ads the Genius informs a would-be Mac buyer on how he has been deceived into buying a laptop which just looks like a Mac, but doesn’t have all the cool apps like iPhoto, Garageband and more. Seriously? Anyways, Apple thought that those dumb ads were worth paying for a fraction of the $1 billion NBCUniversal made in Olympics class airtime this year. The disappointing ads, however, were taken off the air later and ended up as a “first run” throughout the beginning of the Olympics. Apple’s ad agency TWBA later said that they were going according to the plan and the ads were intended only for “first run” during the Olympics, but we think they took the decision because it was not well received by many. Below is one of those ads.

With the announcement of the iconic next gen Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5, Apple has posted a new series of commercials to accompany the new product. Looking at these new ads, it seems like Apple has returned to its usual advertising style where the focus is on the product, which is iPhone in this case. In the four ads, the Cupertino based company has used “product as hero” strategy. The ads are narrated by The Newsroom’s Jeff Daniels, and the four ads focus on four different things. The first one explains how thin the device is, the second shows off the panorama photo feature, the third one about the new screen, whereas the fourth one is titled as “Ears,” and concentrates on EarPod headphones and explains how it is designed to fit in human ears, which sounds funny because that would mean that until now, Apple has been bundling its products with earphones that weren’t designed to fit perfectly in human ears. Nevertheless, people are going to buy it anyways. Below are the new ads.

The commercials are decent, and I personally like the Physics one. The iPhone 5 launch has drawn fans worldwide. The product received over 2 million pre orders in just 24 hours of its launch, which proves that people are looking for something that just works. Besides, Apple has the biggest repository of high quality apps, in fact they have got an app for almost anything. What are your thoughts on these new ads? Which one do you like? Let us know using the comment form below.

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