Apple Inviting Press To September 12th Event; Will iPhone 5 Sell Well With The Android Uprising?

Apple has just recently sent out various invites to the media this morning for an event that will be taking place on September 12th. As you’ve probably guessed already, this event is expected to be the full unveiling of the iPhone 5 or “new” iPhone. It’s also possible that we’ll be able to hear about the heavily rumored 7 inch iPad or more commonly known as a 7 inch iPod if you want to get technical.

For those in the Apple side of things, you’re probably rejoicing right now and planning to sell your iPhone 4S. Those on the Android side of things, let me assure you, this does not mean the end of the world is near is it may seem like once the media sees their new device(s). It’s obvious that Apple will sell a record amount of iPhone’s, as usual, but if you think about it, it’s just the same old operating system that many of us decided long ago, it was better to go with the constantly evolving Android operating system. It’s likely that we’ll be seeing the new iPhone with LTE (Long Term Evolution) connectivity (which if it does, Samsung swears they will be suing Apple as soon as possible). It’s also likely that we won’t be seeing any sort of NFC (near field communication) in the handset. We’re expecting the screen size to measure around 4 inches with a tweaked color scheme and/or design. Knowing Apple though, they’ll probably stick with their old design aside from changing a few minor details. I’m kind of laughing as we Android users already get LTE connectivity and NFC devices in a monthly basis. It’s too bad Apple is behind in this area (hey, even though Apple does not have NFC tech yet, it’s still something we get to brag about!).

While we wait for the Apple event to take place, there is a truck load of announcements for Android coming up over the next week as various companies rush to release their products before the next iPhone hits retailers and store shelves. Motorola’s event is tomorrow with Amazon’s coming up on Thursday and HTC’s coming up on the 19th. Even though we all know that the iPhone 5 will obviously set new records again this year, I kind of wonder if Apple will have trouble selling the handset to an extent. With Samsung reporting that they’re selling crazy amounts of Galaxy S III’s and already have tons of pre-orders for the Galaxy Note II, I’m not sure how well Apple is going to do in this area.

I also wonder how well their 7 inch iPad will sell if they decide to announce that. Amazon already has a crazy lineup in store for consumers, and when it comes to the 7 inch tablet market, we all know who rules it. I just think that Apple may have a hard time breaking into the market as much as they did last year with all of this new technology from Android and Amazon.

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source: Droid Life

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