Apple Claims iPhone 5 Is The Thinnest Phone, It Really Isn’t

The iPhone 5 comes in at 7.6mm thin with it being Apple’s most thinnest iPhone offering to this date. What’s interesting is that Apple’s Phil Schiller made the claim that it is the world’s thinnest smartphone. By now, we all know that was pretty much a lie. Apple didn’t bother to look at their competitors and what they’ve put out just this past year I guess. There are a few particular devices that are much thinner than what the iPhone 5 actually offers. The first of them being the original DROID RAZR for Verizon.

The handset created by Motorola comes in at 7.1mm thin, which is actually a very noticeable different between the two handsets. Either this is Apple not making sure they have their facts right, or they think that Motorola isn’t worth mentioning. Whatever way you look at it, Apple still wants you to think that their device is the thinnest. Of course, many would saying that due to the RAZR’s hump, it makes the handset much thicker. That said, you mine as well take a look at the Huawei P1 Acend that comes in at 6.7mm, the ZTE Athena that comes in at 6.2mm and the Oppo Finder that comes in at 6.65mm.

Any thoughts on Apple’s new claims? Do you think that they are blatant lies trying to fool their customers or just an honest mistake. I’d vote for the latter, but with recent comments coming from the company, I am not entirely sure myself.

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source: Droid Life