Apple Can Be Sued Over The Look Of Its Clock App

As Apple faces some tough legal battles ahead against both Samsung and Google, another possible legal suit is currently being in the works. The fresh look of Apple’s clock on the iPad is reportedly owned by another company abroad.

The Swiss Federal Railway service, also known as SBB, is reportedly drafting a legal complaint against the iPhone maker over the design of the iPad app. The Swiss company claims ownership of the 1944-design created by then SBB employee Hans Hilfiker. This design is popularly being used in many train stations and is well-known for being timeless. Mondaine, a Swiss watch manufacturer, licensed the design.

While an SBB spokesperson admitted the company is pleased that Apple is using the design, SBB also noted that Apple is not authorized to do so.

The Cupertino giant has been in a few legal battles over its designs, including ones for its clocks. For instance, Apple formally sent a notification letter to another company before, Tapbots, for using a clock icon that looks like Apple’s own. Tapbots, a maker of popular iOS apps and Tweetbot, was forced to change the design of its clock as a result.

In a landmark case against its rival, Samsung, Apple flexed its muscles in defending the look and feel of its products like tablets and smartphones. The key issues against the billion-dollar case against Samsung focused on similarities not only in hardware, but to the design and look of its software and iconography.

source: CNET

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