Apple App Store updated with VoiceOver updates for iOS

Accessibility features are very important in any software for visually impaired people. Apple is one of the company who is known for developing software which are really well designed for such people, with voice based commands and feedback for each usage of the software. Apple’s mobile operating system is no exception. It is one of the very few software which offers really good accessibility support. And the App Store on iOS is also good. Apple has the Voice Over feature on iOS which reads out each and every thing on the Apple App Store on iOS so that visually impaired people can understand and know properly what they are investing it.

But with the new version of the operating system, the iOS 6, Apple had made changes to the App Store which disturbed the Voice Over functionality of the App Store, leaving the visually impaired people very frustrated. The Cupertino tech giant got complaints about this right when the operating system was in the beta stage. The company tried to address these issues as much as possible by the time the OS reached its final release stage, but had only incorporated a few changes.

Today, the company has made some drastic changes on the service side which has completely redesigned the iOS App Store, and the Voice Over functionality is back throughout the App Store. MacNN writes:

One of the main complaints with the store’s redesign for visually-impaired users was that the rating of the app was no longer read out by VoiceOver, leaving them unaware of which apps were well-regarded. This was one of many major issues in the GM of iOS 6, most of which were addressed prior to the final release but with a few remaining.

The fixes, which were issued on the server side and thus did not require an OS update, also brought labels to app screenshots for VoiceOver users. An all-new picker control also now appears in the Search or Genius tabs, allowing users to move quickly through the listed apps. Reviews and other sections are now presented as tabs instead of buttons for VoiceOver, making them easier to access.

So if you were waiting for this update, you better check it out today.