Apple announces LTE plans for iPhone 5

During the iPhone 5 keynote which took place recently, it was announced that the new iPhone 5 is going to be an LTE device, with its new designed compact and powerful LTE chip. An Apple official also mentioned that the Cupertino tech giant has already had talks with various carriers worldwide to make the LTE connectivity on the new iPhone 5 available to its customers. Today, we have some idea as to what Apple has in mind, as the company has announced on its official website, the details of the LTE bands supported.

There are going to be three models of the new iPhone 5, the A1428 is going to be a GSM model with support for two bands, the A1429 will be available in both the CDMA and GSM variants. The 2dayblog writes in detail:

The new device will come in two different models and three total SKUs (excluding color): the A1428 (GSM model) will facilitate LTE for the US (AT&T) and Canada (Rogers, Bell and Telus) on the 700MHz and AWS bands; the CDMA version of the A1429 covers the US (Verizon, Sprint) and Japan (KDDI) using Bands 1, 3, 5, 13 and 25; and the GSM version of the A1429 spans Europe (Germany, UK) and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Australia) using bands 1, 3 and 5.

There is still a lot of confusion as to which model a user needs to select. Which model will be available in the unlocked state and which will be made capable of global roaming, or which will have data connectivity elsewhere. Another question that is wandering the minds of potential buyers is that if you the A1429 unlocked, will you be able to use it on AT&T’s LTE network or the Canadian carriers’ LTE network. The answer to this question, apparently, is a no.

There are still a lot of details to come out about planning and stuff when it comes to LTE on the iPhone 5, and we will be posting them as and when they are announced. So stay tuned.

Source: 2dayblog