Angry Users Complain About The New Apple Map System

While the launch of the new iPhone 5 is expected to break record sales, the new phone is not without problems. Users have become angry after discovering that the replacement mapping app of Google Map, which was no longer allowed in iPhone 5, is a total mess.

The new mobile map is inaccurate at best and appears to be misplacing landmarks and omitting some places. In one example, the Washington Memorial was moved by the app several hundred yards to the south of its supposed location. It is just one of the many mistakes in the new mobile map app that are available in iPads, iPod, and iPhones running the new iOS 6. Since the new mobile operating system’s release last Wednesday, Apple had been hit by many complaints.

Apple’s announcement about replacing Google Map was made last year. Since then, the company collaborated with TomTom and other navigation firms. All users of iPad and iPhones are now forced to use the new map system after they update their software or when they get a new iPhone, which is preloaded with the maps.

While some of the landmarks are misplaced, others are missing entirely. Users have circulated screenshots of errors in the internet including a museum located below a river. Users in the UK had even discovered that an English town named Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare, is totally lost in the map. Still others complained that a search for London directs them to London in Ontario, Canada, instead of British capital city.

Also, many customers who missed Google Map are complaining that the new Apple system omitted the public transportation routes and stations. In contrast, Google map even shows the schedules of buses and trains at each station.

The Minister for Justice in Ireland expressed his concern that the new Apple map identified a farm located in a residential are in Dublin as an airport, which can pose a potential hazard for pilots.

A sarcastic Tumblr feed called The Amazing iOS 6 Maps shows examples of broken mapping. Twitter users also mentioned that Apple, ironically, located its own Apple store in Sydney, Australia on the wrong side of the road.

Tech blogger Anil Dash quipped: “Apple made this maps change despite its shortcomings because they put their own priorities for corporate strategy ahead of user experience. That’s a huge change for Apple in the post-iPod era, where they’ve built so much of their value by doing the hard work as a company so that things could be easy for users.”

The Dutch company TomTom, which was responsible for providing data for the new mapping app, explained to CNN that is not responsible for how the app worked.

Google Map is not currently available¬† in Apple’s App Store. However, users can still use their browsers to pull up the Google system.

In the meantime, the issue with the new map does not appear to have affected anticipation of users to get the new iPhone this Friday. Apple announced a couple of days ago that the initial supply of new phone were sold out in under an hour, and that pre-orders for the device has reached two million in one day.

source: CNN

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