American Express and Starbucks coming to Passbook soon

During the announcement of the new iPhone 5, the Cupertino tech giant announced the new mobile operating system, iOS 6 as well. And with the new OS, came many new features. One such new feature, or service, is the Passbook, which eliminates the use of physical tickets and uses barcodes instead. A going green initiative you can say. But during the announcement of the service, there were only a few third party companies ready to adopt the new technology in their service, namely Fandango, Live Nation, Lufthansa, and Ticketmaster.

Now, how many of us really daily use the above services? Very few I can say. The service would be a very big hit if the Cupertino tech giant is able to add more and more companies to its new service that make business with smart phone users on daily basis. How does American Express and Starbucks sound to you? Well, these two companies are also coming to the Passbook band wagon soon enough, as soon as the end of this month.

Phone Arena writes:

American Express will notify you whenever you have a transaction and will allow you to check your current balance and redeem reward points.Special deals can be sent to your phone from merchants near you as determined by the GPS on your phone. Suspicious charges can be sent to you immediately with AMEX asking you for a PIN number to confirm the charge.

The concept of using your smart phone as a replacement for tickets and payment methods is not new. A lot of Android smart phones are already using the NFC technology to make mobile payments from more than a year. Apple is now trying to enter that market without the use of NFC though. It is to see how users will react to this when their favourite services and companies start using the new Passbook app.

Source: Phone Arena

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