American Airlines and Samsung Team Up To Offer 17,000 Galaxy Note’s To Flight Attendants

Both American Airlines and Samsung Electronics have joined together in the past in an attempt to bring in-flight entertainment to travelers through Samsung’s famed Galaxy Tab 10.1 and now the two companies are getting ready to expand their deal and start a completely new project. American Airlines will be starting to hand out different Samsung Galaxy Note device to various flight attendants to hopefully help make traveling a bit more enjoyable than just sitting on a plan for 1 – 48 hours. The Galaxy Note is supposed to be loaded with a ton of customer information so that the flight attendants will have a very wide span of information and details to look over:

  • Access customer information such as name, seat number and loyalty program status in a seat map view and customer list view;
  • Record meal and beverage preferences for premium class customers;
  • Easily identify high-value customers seated in the premium cabins and in the main cabin, and customers requiring special assistance
  • Provide customers with connecting gate, flight delays and weather information – pending FAA approval, all information will be automatically updated when Wi-Fi is available on the aircraft.

I’m going to assume that a lot of this is just another marketing move on Samsung’s part. Approximately 17,000 different flight attendants will have one of these devices in their hands beginning later this year and through the middle of 2013. The Samsung Galaxy Note was chosen based on flight attendant feedback over a number of months and testing of various devices. This fantastic phone from Samsung was apparently a winner.

source: android central

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