AMD’s new Hondo chip is just for Windows 8

With the ‘post PC’ (as Apple calls it) market growing everyday with so many new tablets and smart phones coming into the market, major chip manufactures are very eager to try their luck in the industry. Major computer processor manufacturers, Intel and AMD, are the two companies in question. Intel has already released an x86 processor for the Android smart phone market, and the Lava Xolo is the first Android smart phone to run on the first ever Intel mobile processor. The Xolo comes from the India based manufacturer, Lava.

Now, AMD is working on its new processor for the tablet market, and the processor we are talking about is called the Hondo. AMD is optimizing the performance of the chip now. And a recent report says that the company is just focused on the Windows 8 RT platform for the chip and it has no intentions of optimizing it for Android, any time soon. That is a bummer. Here is what the report says AMD’s Steve Belt as saying:

“This is a Windows 8 product, only. We’re not doing Android on this platform, at least not now. … It is a conscious decision not to go after Android. We think the Windows 8 space has a lot of opportunity, there’s plenty of TAM [total addressable market] there for us to go at. So we don’t need to spread ourselves into other markets, we think Windows 8 is a great place to start. Down the road we may look at Android, right now we’re focused on Windows 8.”

The article adds:

“With both AMD and Intel readying Hondo and Clover Trail respectively for Windows 8 and pushing their respective customers to come up with designs at roughly the same time, it will be interesting to see just how many Windows RT tablets will appear at the operating system’s launch. However one thing is clear, neither AMD nor Intel will have Android x86 tablets running with their respective next generation ultra low voltage chips.”

Fortunately, AMD is not restricting users or manufacturers to using only Windows RT on the chips. We can install any OS we want.

Source: SlashDot

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