Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 coming on November 20

Amazon seems to be pretty serious about offering new tablets and being in the tablet world for a long time. And that is why, the company is all set to release another tablet soon enough, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9. This new bigger screen tablet will be available in both Wi Fi only and 4G versions, that is a pretty good deal for many people.

The 16 GB version of the Wi Fi only model will set you back by $299, and the 32 GB version of the WI Fi model will cost you $369. The 32 GB version of the 4G LTE model will cost $499, and the 64 GB version of the 4G LTE will cost of $599. Yes, there is no 16 GB version in the 4G LTE version. And the 32 GB version is priced at $499. Is that okay for a tablet which has been portrayed as a budget tablet? Well, that is a completely different topic for debate.

The 8.9 inch version of the Amazon Kindle Fire will offer you a lot more than what the 7 inch offers. To begin with, there is a bigger display, and with the increase in size, comes an increase in the resolution as well. So the new 8.9 inch display will have a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. The new model will also be thinner than the 7 inch model, but the design of the product will remain same.

As with the 7 inch model, Amazon will give not give you a power adapter to charge your tablet. You will have to use the microUSB to USB cable to connect your Kindle Fire HD 8.9 to your laptop or desktop computer to put in some more juice.

The operating system on the tablet will be based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, no change compared to the 7 inch model of the tablet in this department as well. But of course, you will have access to all the new features like X-Ray for movies, X-Ray for books, Whispersync for audio, and Immersion Reading.

The all new tablet will be coming to the market on November 20th. Are you planning on buying one?

Source: CNET

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  1. I wonder how many 16 GB I pads have been purchased and if there has been buyers regret, my bet is lots and no. Is 10″ that much better than 8.9 I don’t know but I suspect not. How thin and light is thin and light enough, I suspect there is a point where that does not matter. The cloud has certainly been a game changer but if your in the business of selling larger GB with higher margins, you don’t talk much about that.

    In terms of display quality there is much hype that conflicts with reality. Look at the TV industry with 1080i vs 1080p etc, most serious people realized it was nonsense.

    Sorting through all the hype and spec’s is not easy but the bottom line for me is performance, price, value and reliability. Of course I do not have blind loyalty or an addict like many Apple consumers.

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