Amazon Kindle Fire 40% Faster Than Apple iPad 3, Also $40 Cheaper Than Previous Kindle Fire

Amazon announced today at their press event that the updated Kindle Fire is 40% faster than the iPad 3 and also $40 cheaper than their original Kindle Fire which was $199. Today they’ve announced that it will be $159 and will also have a second Wi-Fi antenna in the device. I watched the live blog and was amazed as I watched the hardware skyrocket to compete with some of the top tablets while I watched the price skyrocket to an all-time low. You’ll be seeing an extra 51MBs of RAM (1GB of RAM), extra battery life and a front-facing camera. Oh, and they’re saying goodbye to that silly 8GBs of storage space. You’ll now be able to get it with 16GBs.

Amazon is still using Android to power their tablet (in this new rendition of their tablet, Android almost seems non-existent). Obviously the market they are going after does not care about that. Most would still say they prefer the Nexus 7, and rightly so. That said, when it comes to Amazon’s new device, the Kindle Fire HD, I would argue that the Google Nexus 7 is underpowered compared to what they’ve shown at the event.

Is anyone actually interesting in getting a new rendition of the Amazon Kindle Fire or are you still fine with your first generation? We all love new technology, and surely this would be something that everyone would want to upgrade to (that is, if people don’t want the Fire HD).

Pre-orders are currently available as they will be shipping the device on September 14th.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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