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Acer To Offer Six New Smartphones For 2013

Acer is not exactly as popular for making smartphones as it is for manufacturing laptops, tablets, hybrid devices, and all-in-one PCs. However, Acer has some surprises in store for next year. The Taiwanese multinational is reportedly preparing to launch no less than six new devices that will be heading to India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Europe. It remains to be seen whether Acer will eventually sell these devices in the United States.

Five of these phones will run on Android while the remaining one will be based on Windows Phone 8. The set will also have phones for both the high-end and the low-end market segments, but will not go as far as producing very low-priced phones. Said high-end devices will be powered by dual-core Qualcomm CPUs. Meanwhile, the entry-level smartphones will have a MediaTek single-core processor. Digitimes reports that Qisda and Compal Communications will be responsible for the production of the smartphones.

Acer still faces some tough competition against other Android smartphone makers, especially against Samsung which is still the top Android smartphone manufacturer. That said, Samsung has not been having the best of luck recently with a jury finding that it infringed on patents owned by Apple. This could be the window of opportunity that Acer had been waiting for to gain a stronger foothold in the smartphone niche.

As for its Windows Phone 8 offering, Acer had long been rumored to be developing a device based on that platform. Microsoft, however, only confirmed that Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Huawei are selling Windows Phone 8-based smartphones.

In related news, Acer had just launched some new handsets. Among these are the CloudMobile S500 which is marketed as Acer’s flagship device with a cloud-computing feature. Acer likewise has the Liquid Glow, Liquid Gallant, and Liquid Gallant Duo phones which are aimed at the low- to mid-range market.

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