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Acer drops the new Mobile OS from Alibaba

How do you like if another mobile operating system would emerge in the market? Alibaba (China-based company) said that Google have forced Acer to drop its new OS “Aliyun” as Google will cease its support for Android. According to a report from Dow Jones Newswires, Google has threathened to pull its Android-related cooperation and support if Acer didn’t drop its support for Alibaba’s new mobile operating system.

“Our partner was notified by Google that if the product runs Aliyun OS, Google will terminate its Android-related cooperation and other technology licensing with our partner,” according to a statement e-mailed to CNET. “We respect and understand our partner’s decision to postpone the introduction of the phone, and are dismayed by the impact this dispute has had on our partner.” An Interview by CNET Mag with Alibaba.

Alibaba could be compared as Google in China and it would definitely make sense that they are also trying to create their own mobile operating system as a new strategy. With Google’s Android OS already dominated the world, perhaps they wanted to maintain that way. Apple on the other hand, don’t even care what the others would make, as long as it will not violate their intellectual properties.

In a blog posted by Google’s  Andy Rubin, he said that “the Aliyun OS incorporates the Android runtime and was apparently derived from Android.” Alibaba’s response through John Spelich is: “They have no idea and are just speculating. Aliyun is different.” Spelich also added, “Aliyun has our own applications. It’s designed to run cloud apps designed in our own ecosystem. It can run but not all Android apps.”

Acer is a member of OHA (Open Handset Alliance) which, according to Google, will violate the code of ethics if they’ll pursue Aliyun launching. This is because Aliyun is a “forked version of Android” because it was modified to the extent that it’s not compatible with other Android devices.

What do you think of Google’s move? Are they afraid to have another competitor?

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