A Thinner new iPhone can Increase Battery Life

What do you think is the name of the new iPhone which is due for launch this coming September 12, 2012? No matter what’s the name, a thinner new iPhone can increase battery life for sure. This is because if Apple uses a new thinner display in its next iPhone, the battery could provide an added 40% capacity than the iPhone 4S.

According to Shawn Lee, a research director at DisplaySearch, the next iPhone would boost the screen size from 3.85 inches to 4 inches and a more powerful quad-core processor that will surely require more power than the iPhone 4S. But instead of thickening the battery to boost the power storage to accommodate the consumption, Apple will use the latest so-called “in-cell” technology that will cut the size of the display. In-cell integrates sensors in the liquid-crystal-display (LCD)so that touch-sensitive layer under the glass would not be necessary anymore. By combining the touch layer into the LCD, Apple can then reduce the thickness of the display for about 0.5mm.

Lee added that the thinner display gives Apple more space for a higher-capacity battery that is necessary to provide the power needed by the components while maintaining the current time between charges. “In-cell touch can bring additional benefits [such as] enabling greater battery capacity,” said Lee. “We assume that in-cell touch could result in the display module being 0.5 mm thinner, which, combined with battery density of at least 600 Wh/l [Watt-hours per liter], would result in an increase in battery capacity of at least 40% in the iPhone 5.”

Apple had been planning the use of “in-cell” technology for their next generation iPhone sometime in July that has been revealed by Wall Street Journal. The said display will be provided and manufactured by Display Inc., LG and Sharp.

Do you think Apple will really have this features in the upcoming  event that will reveal the next generation iPhone?

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  1. Considering the heaping pile of meh that is iOS6 and the fact that the hardware seems to be an uninspired, elongated version of the iPhone 4, a big increase in battery life seems likely. I hope that’s the case because Android manufacturers have spent the last couple of years fighting to create the thinnest, most powerful hardware at the expense of battery life. That needs to change, so hopefully Apple will force the issue and extending battery life will be a become a bigger priority for Android phone manufacturers going forward.

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