Zynga Games Available Soon on Nokia Asha Touch Phones

Nokia, a global leader in mobile communication products will soon be tying up with Zynga to bring out its global hit games. The announcement is disclosed yesterday, August `17th, at Espoo, Finland. The impending partner therefore denotes that Zynga Draw Something and Zynga Poker will soon be available to Nokia Asha Touch Phones more likely in the third quarter of 2012 as declared earlier this summer. Nokia Asha phone users will then enjoy playing with these global hit Zynga games downloadable for free via Nokia Store.

Zynga and Nokia partnership aims to strengthen the latter’s pledge to deliver a must-have application and gaming experience to its users, including Nokia Asha Touch range.  Nokia phone users are already enjoying different games from its global partners and the company wants to boost such user experience with Zynga this time.

Nokia’s VP & GM, Global Partnering & Application Development, Bryan Biniak said that the premium design, powerful hardware and outstanding gaming capabilities change the consumers’ expectation over today’s gaming experience on mobile phones.

“It’s great to expand our offering of Zynga games to deliver more blockbuster titles across our portfolio of mobile devices,” said Biniak and added that, “With premium design, powerful hardware and outstanding gaming capabilities, we’re redefining what consumers expect from today’s feature phone experience.”

Nokia Asha Touch devices are primarily designed to provide its users with a rich, fast and engaging experience. All these are manifested by the key features entrenched in the well-crafted Nokia Asha 311 powered with a 1GHz processor, the Nokia Asha 305 with dual sim feature and Nokia’s latest and most affordable Wi-Fi capable handset, the Nokia Asha 306. With a fresh, fully re-designed Asha Touch user interface and the cloud-accelerated Nokia Browser 2.0, users can enjoy Internet surfing up to three times faster. In addition, this browser is 85 percent cheaper than the other browsers.

The Nokia Browser 2.0 can be downloaded at Nokia Store for free. And just lately, Nokia Store already broke the five billion download searches.  Forty-two percent (42%) of all downloaded contents was delivered to Series 40 devices, including the Nokia Asha mobile phones starting January until April 2012. As of today, more than 500 Nokia developers have produced applications that achieved more than one billion downloads. On the other hand, Pico Brother, Inode and India Games have all reached over a hundred million downloads to-date. This clearly denotes how Nokia apps influence billions of Nokia mobile consumers across the globe.

Nokia products, by far, already become a part of daily lives of the people around the world. In fact, more than 1.3 billion people use Nokia devices to give and share information, to find their ways or to simply send a text or give a call to one another.  And as a leading mobile phone maker, Nokia will continue to design more creative products, so as to give more impact to its brand anywhere in the world.


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