Zynga Chief Creative Officer Mike Verdu Resigns To Start Own Company

After three years working with Zynga Inc, Chief Creative Officer Mike Verdue decided to give-up his position and leaves the firm with his resignation effective starting Tuesday, August 28th. This is after reports emerged suggesting he will be starting his own company. However, his decision will not totally cut his connection with the firm as Zynga will be one of his investors in his reported new venture.

Mr. Verdu expressed his gratitude to Zynga Inc. for the opportunities and the good experiences he had when he was still in the company.  He was connected with the social gaming firm since the year 2009 and held various positions in the company; he was once the senior vice president.

In a blog post, Mr. Verdu said, “I’m very proud of my part in building this remarkable company, especially in growing and nurturing what has become a vibrant community of game designers, producers, and creative leaders.”

“Now, however, it’s time for me to try something new. After a lot of soul-searching, I have decided to go back to my roots and start a new company,” he added.

Aside of the information revealed by Zynga Chief Executive Officer Mark Pincus that Zynga will be Mr. Verdu’s investor, there are no other information given regarding his new business.

Pincus also expressed his appreciation to how Mr. Verdu’s performed his job at the firm. He also commended how Mr. Verdu played his role being a leader, on how he influenced his people, and not to mention the friendship they built when Mr. Verdu was still one of the executives of Zynga.

In a statement, Pincus said “Mike has been a good friend to me personally as well as professionally and has been an influential creative leader to us all. I’m proud of the legacy that Mike has helped build and the deep bench of creative talent and leaders who will carry the torch and shape the next wave of creativity at Zynga.”

Mr. Verdu is not the only executive who opted to leave the company. Included in the list is John Scharppert, the Zynga Chief Operating Officer who ended his connection with company earlier this month.

While there is not really a problem when executives let go of their position from a company, what happened to Zynga is quite alarming. In fact, it leaves an impression that the gaming firm is sinking and that executives are trying to save themselves first by jumping out of the company to join a new one. Also, the company’s stock dropped $0.02 on Tuesday closing at $3.08; a sign that business is not running as good as before.

Whatever the impact of Mr. Verdu’s decision to Zynga Inc, leaving the company is one way of achieving his goal in life.  No bitterness to Zynga, no issues with his colleagues, and no problem with the management. It is just that he decided to go out from his comfort zone and start something up… perhaps, something better.

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